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Hollander Electric is a certified electrician experienced with all types of lighting and lighting conversions to LED. Warehouse lighting upgrades and all types of outdoor lighting can be upgraded by Hollander Electric to not only realize the increase in lighting output, but the overall savings you get on you electric bill after upgrading to LED lighting.

Some other benefits of LED lighting is the longevity of the light and the large range of voltage options available with the common fixtures. LED fixtures are generally rated at 50,000 hours of life expectancy or some of the less expensive LED fixtures come with a 30,000 hour life expectancy. So changing bulbs is not an issue with LED lighting since most fixtures are good for 10 to 20 years of maintenance free life. LED lights are driven and therefore the range of voltage is broad allowing one fixture to be used for many different voltage applications. Fluctuations in voltage such as brown outs or spikes generally do not effect the performance of the LED light fixtures since the span of voltage is so broad. So while all other lamps or light fixtures cease or stop lighting up when the brown out occurs, LED lights continue to operate at lower voltages.

Fluorescent lighting is an ionized type light, which means that it is an energized gas mixture that gets a charge. After it is charged once the light is turned on, it attracts particles of dirt in the air that are oppositely charged to the lamp. So the lamp needs maintenance to keep it clean and get the maximum light output. If the fixture is mounted up high, it becomes an issue and can be expensive to maintain. Fluorescent lamps continue to deteriorate from the first time they are energized and give continuously less and less light output from day one. LED lights do not deteriorate at the fast rate that fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps do. LED lights are not ionized, or charged so there is no need to clean off the fixture or lamps. It is the same as the day it first goes into service and looses much less efficiency. Utilities are giving rebates to commercial applications where fixtures are replaced for lower wattages. Saving in wattage usage translates into power savings and the utilities reward customers for doing this.

Upgrade your house and office, and your warehouse to LED lighting and realize the benefits of it now. Call Hollander Electric for your LED questions and applications.

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